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Imagine what you can accomplish with a summer stipend, an Armory engineer mentor, and the support of the entire Continuous Delivery Foundation community!

Engineer for Spinnaker, Sponsored by Google

The Continuous Delivery Foundation is proud to invest in Google Summer of Code again this year, and help foster a new generation of global engineering talent by mentoring students in open source projects, including Spinnaker. For my company Armory, passing along our understanding of enterprise-scale software delivery to new DevOps practitioners keeps us in touch with our user’s journey : ) Want to participate in GSoC in 2021, or know someone who might? Keep reading!

Innovation Through Mentoring

Last year’s crop of promising projects brought us Victor Odusanya’s implementation of a DroneCI pipeline stage in Spinnaker. With his project, Victor was able to…

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Is psychological safety the secret sauce of DevOps?

Mark Zuckerberg’s famous 2012 “Code Wins Arguments” mantra ain’t wrong. But, if you’re anything like me, you’d rather lose ALL the arguments while your team thrives and outcomes soar. In 2020, “every company is a software company” took on a new meaning mid-pandemic. I’d like to outline an org-friendly new Hacker Way that incorporates all of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) learnings of the past two decades. I’ll call it “safe science,” and aim to answer two questions:

  1. How has psychological safety influenced the development of software infrastructure?
  2. Beyond all the buzzwords, why does DevOps work?

It’s Science!

Across the…

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Take a good peek at the health of your Spinnaker environment.

This piece by Stu Posluns was originally published on Armory’s blog.

The Armory team is excited to announce that the Spinnaker Observability plugin, released to the open source community in June, is now GA!

The Observability plugin, a great example of the growing Spinnaker plugin ecosystem, provides critical visibility to Spinnaker operators and replaces the Spinnaker Monitoring Daemon, which is deprecated as of OSS 1.20.

So, what exactly does the Observability plugin do, and why is it valuable to me as a Spinnaker operator?

A little history and some definitions…

Observability is a measure of how well internal states of a system can be inferred from…

How much do you know about the CDF (Continuous Delivery Foundation)? Its mission: to help you channel Continuous Delivery’s power to empower developers. The ability to produce high quality software rapidly isn’t a trade secret — CDCon is the perfect place to dive in and bring some magic back to your team or organization. See below for a preview of all the Spinnaker talks on the schedule.

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The CI/CD space is ripe for collaboration. Join me at CDCon to be part of the 4th industrial revolution.

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Ahoy! Who here is ready to set sail on another virtual event adventure?

If my instincts are correct, probably not you. This year has afflicted us with new brands of fatigue, new challenges, and new existential angst. Furthermore, 2020 has boosted the software industry’s significance to the economy, and thus the pressure we face at work.

As we discussed these realities, the Spinnaker Summit SIG (Special Interest Group) rejected the “solution” of shrugging our shoulders and proceeding with an un-inspired virtual version of last year’s 3-day Summit. You surely have plenty of such un-inspiring virtual events to choose from…

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Armory’s Spinnaker Kubernetes Operator generates buzz among Spinnaker operators

This article, written by Stu Posluns , was originally published on the Armory Blog. Sign up here for our Spinnaker Operator webinar on August 12 to see the Operator in action!

At Armory, we are leveraging Spinnaker to help our customers and the broader community make software delivery continuous, scalable, collaborative, and safe. We are furthering that vision today by announcing general availability (GA) of the Spinnaker Kubernetes Operator. The Operator makes managing Spinnaker, which runs in Kubernetes, dramatically simpler and more automated, while introducing new Kubernetes-native features. The Operator will make it even easier for companies around the world…

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Gardeners [making it fun | working hard] to learn a trick from magician Robert Strong at happy hour.

We have open source software collaboration on the brain as another Spinnaker Gardening Days wrapped up last Thursday. July’s weeklong hackathon had an awesome showing of new and veteran community members, despite the peak of summer in the northern hemisphere and tumultuous socioeconomic times worldwide. Participants from around the globe showed up to take their next steps as contributors, leverage a compute sponsorship from AWS, and prove the promise and resilience of Spinnaker innovation.

Winners Among Winners

While I might argue that ALL participants are winners (and indeed, you’ll all receive a Gardening Days care package in the mail eventually, so be patient)…

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Read this post by Ryan Pei, originally published on the Armory blog, for a guide to Spinnaker plugins and all the resources available to plugin developers. Learn how plugins enable maintainable custom stages, resource handlers, cloud provider and SDLC tool integrations, and custom dashboards for Spinnaker.

Before plugins existed…

Just last year, anyone who wanted to extend or customize Spinnaker faced a dilemma — go with something straightforward but a little hacky, or invest significant time and effort. Some “quick but hacky” methods may be familiar to you: SpEL expressions, custom run jobs, webhooks… these all work well in a pinch. But these…

Last week, the software delivery community descended upon Spinnaker.Live, an event presented by Armory and the Continuous Delivery Foundation, sponsored by LaunchDarkly, OpsMX, and Adobe, and produced by Modev. Presenters from Autodesk, AWS, Cisco, Google, JPMC, Netflix, Pinterest, SAP, VMware, and more shared their Spinnaker, DevOps, and reliability stories. When we invented Spinnaker.Live, we expected to deliver a slick, highly-produced conference show featuring Kelsey Hightower and I in front of a live studio audience. Ha!

The Covid-19 crisis has made studio production dangerous, so this chat ^ is as close as we got

As part of the virtual tech events…

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Highlights, results & learnings from Spinnaker Gardening Days

Note: Read the original post here on the Armory blog.

With people worldwide rediscovering subsistence strategies like cooking and bread baking, I hope that gardening will also enjoy a resurgence! Tweet your garden pics to @dnilas0r with your answer to, “why do you garden?” any time : )

While planning the first Spinnaker Gardening Days, I continually asked myself: what will make folks in the OSS community want to join? What motivates people to contribute to open source projects?

Current circumstances render the question “why do we garden,” rhetorical; of course, we garden for fresh food and beautiful yards. But…

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Director of Community at Armory. Ops ‘n webapps. The only 1 in the world waking up every morning with the thought, “How can I make Spinnaker inevitable today?”

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